Shave Oil – Monthly

$8.99 / month

Organic Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Grapeseed Oil, & Fragrance.


Engine Cream? Gear Butter?

If a man wants to eliminate friction, he uses oil. Not creams and butters. Shaving should be no different.

Our Shave Oil helps your blade gently glide across your skin so that the hairs get cut, but your face does not.”

Furthermore, when you use our Shave Oil, you don’t have to lather, you don’t have to rinse your face afterwards, and you don’t have to worry about walking around work unknowingly with a white substance on your ears and/or neck. Awkward…”

You just put the oil on the areas where you are shaving, shave, and go. You will even have the cooling effect of a touch of menthol when you are done.

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