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Cologne Wipes + Beard Oil = Manly

cologne wipes and beard oil
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A cologne wipe is exactly what it sounds like, a wipe infused with cologne. 

It is not for your butt!

Why would you want a cologne wipe?

  • You have had a long day at the office, you don’t have time to go home, and you need to freshen up for a date or a night out on the town.
  • You are a frequent traveler that does not like checking in your bags. Cologne wipes travel much better than cologne bottles or body sprays. 
  • You don’t have time to go home or shower after the gym, and you don’t want to smell like the guy that just left the gym.
  • You don’t want to have a product named “body spray” in your bathroom.  

A Man Wipe is a cologne wipe. We named it a man wipe, because we are bad at naming things. We should have just called it a cologne wipe. 

However, on the other hand, because we named them Man Wipes, we are able to come up with funny commercials telling people not to use them for their butt. 

Although, we are not sure it is a great marketing strategy to focus on what your product is not for, rather than what it is for. 


A Butt Wipe is something we do not sell. As near as what we can tell, they are baby wipes, put in a different package and sold to men as a manly wipe.  It would be like we put baby formula in a new can and called it man milk.  Hmm… we will need to see if is available. 

One Cologne Wipe should last 5-8 hours.  Long day? Use one in the morning, and take one in your wallet for later!

We offer free domestic shipping on all products!

Because we sell stuff (namely man wipes) that make men smell like men. 

Also, the URL was open.

We say yes. Why?

1. Cologne Wipes are easier to travel by plane. Avoid the TSA pat-down!

2. You can fit a Cologne Wipe in your wallet. Try putting that glass bottle in your pocket. 

3. Our Cologne Wipes smell awesomer (yep, its a word) than most of the other colognes out there. 

4. No waste. You apply the scent right on your body. 


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